Local Board Membership Information Request
Local Board Members are volunteers appointed by the President. They play an important community role closely connected with our nation's defense. If a military draft becomes necessary, approximately 2,000 Local Boards throughout America would decide which young men in each community receive deferments, postponements, or exemptions from military service based on federal guidelines.
This form is for people interested in becoming a Local Board Member with Selective Service. To register with Selective Service, you should go to the on-line registration page.
If you are interested in receiving information on becoming a Board Member for the Selective Service System (SSS), please complete this form. When you submit the following information to the Selective Service System, you will receive an application for board membership, a business reply envelope, and a Board Member Information Booklet that gives details on Board Member responsibilities. After you have submitted your application, a Selective Service employee will contact you to schedule a personal interview.
Qualifications for becoming a Local Board Member:
Must be 18 years old or older
Must be a citizen of the United States
Men must have registered with the Selective Service,
 except those born from March 29, 1957 through December 31, 1959.
Must not be a member of law enforcement occupation as defined by SSS policy (example: police officer or judge).
Must not be an active or retired member of the Armed Forces.
Must not have been convicted of any criminal offense.
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